Multimedia Clips

Medium recognized me as one of their  “Noteworthy” writers in 2017- and it helped to highlight my demonstrated commitment to activated issues that intersect at the corners of race, politics, feminism and the judicial system.

I was excited to participate in the inaugural bash – celebrating writers who were handpicked for this honor.

See the video below for more:


During the 2015 electoral season in Nigeria, I wrote a piece for Medium, that went viral because of how it captured the reality of the upcoming event in a way that resonated with Nigerians both at home and abroad, who could relate to the political upheavals that seized their childhoods and continued into adulthood.

Soon after, I was invited by the New York-based, Nigerian outlet, Sahara Reporters, to appear on the popular radio show hosted by Humble Prince, to discuss the article and add some insight on the contenders running for office, and also provide a summation of my thoughts to forecast the proposed outcome.


Back in early 2018, I was invited to appear on Jesse Lee Peterson’s radio show to discuss the issue of gun violence in America and how it disproportionately affects the Black population as evidenced in the countless victims who don’t survive encounters with police officers.


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